American Museum of Magic

Where we went:  American Museum of Magic  (as of May 2015 rates were $5 adults and $3.50 kids)

Where is it located:  Marshall, MI

How much time do you need:  We spent about an hour in the museum.  It’s not huge, but it was worth the visit.

Their claim to fame is holding the second largest collection of Magic paraphernalia in the world (according to the workers present the day we went… only a museum in Paris, France has a larger collection)

DSC_0492 - Copy

Most of what you’ll find there is advertising posters, but there’s a fun assortment of tricks on hand as well.  Their collection includes a “sawing a woman in half” prop, Houdini props, and lots more.  They have an assortment of “try it yourself” stops, including a video to teach kids  a trick with cups and little foam pom pom balls.  That intrigued my kids enough that we bought the trick ($5) to take home and try some more.


They had a few photo opportunities, where kids could dress up in costume and perform the magic trick “pulling the bunny from the hat”.  It was super cute- I love photos so this was right up my alley.

This was definitely worth a stop.  If you’re in town, the little town of Marshall, MI has some other fun shops throughout town.

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