Winter art for kids

I routinely help our local teachers come up with fun art projects for the students.  I’ve mentioned before, our local school doesn’t offer art at the elementary level.  It’s a small school and they just don’t have the funding.

My son’s teacher wanted help coming up with an idea for her class- I of course resorted to pinterest where I found a fun winter tree themed project.


I provided some white cardstock and all the paints for this fun project…  the teacher had the students work on it over the course of several days.

I think they turned out super cute and would be really easy to do at home with your kids.



  • black construction paper or cardstock
  • white cardstock
  • blue paint
  • white paint
  • brown paint
  • several colors of green paint
  • orange or red paint for leaves on the ground
  • paint brushes/ sponges etc
  1. paint a rectangle piece of cardstock to be the ground.  Allow to dry.  Tear across so that you can layer one piece behind the trunk and one piece in front.
  2. Paint the trunk on cardstock and cut out.
  3. Paint the tree and some snow on the black paper.
  4. Layer all the pieces and add additional snow as needed.


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