Jelly Belly Factory Tour {Wisconsin}

We’re always looking for fun, interesting places to visit when we travel.

Last summer we spent a 4 day weekend travelling through the state and on our last day we ventured to Pleasant Prairie, WI to the Jelly Belly Warehouse Tour.

This is a FREE tour that ends with a sweet surprise of a free bag of Jelly Belly candy.

You start in the lobby and wait your turn for the Jelly Belly Express


The “train” ride takes you around the warehouse viewing a variety of educational videos on the process of making Jelly Belly beans.  You also see a lot of fun artwork created with the candy itself.


The tours winds around the warehouse and drops you off at the entrance to their store, which is also accessible from the outside without following the tour.  Before entering the store- all tour attendees received a free bag of Jelly Belly candy which was a hit with my kids.

The store sells a variety of merchandise and a LOT of different flavors of candy.  They sell sugar free varieties as well.

There’s a snack bar where you can grab lunch and some fun things to see with the Jelly Belly Logo.

This stop was a great detour for our family and we would definitely go back if we find ourselves in the area again.

Get directions and hours on their websit <click here for the Jelly Belly official Wisconsin tour website>

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