Are you a coupon clipper?

I’m not sure about you … but I love a great deal!  I do use coupons, sometimes as many as 20 or more on my weekly grocery purchase.  As a busy mom of 2 I’m always looking to cut my grocery bill somewhere.  Recently, I started looking around for information on HOW those extreme couponers get SO MANY coupons of some specific items.  I do use great sites like Coupon Mom ( )  to find printable coupons, but typically the coupon limit is 2 prints per computer.  Well, I only own one computer.

In all of my research I found listings for a couple of sites that offer coupon services.  Essentially, they purchase gobs of weekend coupon inserts from the distribution companies that send them out to be included in your Sunday newspaper.  They clip those coupons and provide them for sale on their sites.  Typically, the handling fee they charge is the handling fee on the coupon, that stores receive for their trouble of submitting the coupons for refund.  At the time I was doing this research, a coupon was available for something we use all the time- an all natural, no preservative lunchmeat.  The coupon cost was $0.08 each so I bit the bullet and ordered 6 of them, along with a few other coupons I thought I might use.  After shipping it cost about $1.60 total and would have saved me over $5.  I felt like that was a good investment.

The site I used was Klip2Save.

Overall, I was pleased with this transaction.  It didn’t take too long to get the coupons ALTHOUGH I would keep this in mind:  Depending on how busy they are, processing your order could take a few days.  I ordered early-mid week.  I received them early the following week.  If I had ordered coupons to go along with a current sale, I don’t think I’d have received them in time to get the stack deal (stacking coupons on sales).  Therefore, I order when there are coupons I really think i’ll use no matter what, and don’t order coupons strictly based on what is on sale that week.  If you do that you might miss the deal.

**This review is strictly my opinion.  I was not solicited for this review.  Your experience may differ from mine**

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