Taste of Red Iguana {Salt Lake City}

The Uber driver mentioned a place called Red Iguana… if you liked Mexican you needed to check it out.

It was a little further away from my hotel than I had time for but I was wandering through the food court at the City Creek Center one night looking for something quick -and low and behold… there was a “Taste of Red Iguana” which is the faster food version of the flagship restaurant.

red iguana

The full menu is >> here

I shopped off the Gourmet Enchilada menu and ordered the Enchilada Suizas which came with two- sour cream chicken enchiladas with avocado, mole poblano and melted jack cheese.  Sides included were rice, beans and chips and salsa.  The salsa was pretty darn spicy but I was expecting that after several days in Salt Lake where ALL salsa is spicy …lol.

I’ve got to tell you that when I first received my meal.. I thought… No way am I going to finish all this food.  It was quite a LARGE meal for just me.  It came in the most unusual way- in a tin foil pan.  I don’t know if all their meals are served this way but I thought it was so strange… in a fun way!  Then I tasted it… I didn’t even know if I liked mole sauce but I was on vacation, and on vacation I am pretty adventurous.  Ordinarily I’d have just settled for tacos… but WOW!  The sauce and cheese combination was awesome and I could NOT stop eating.

This meal was fantastic and I ate pretty much every bit except for the salsa… I ate as much as I could of that until the heat was too much for me.

red iguana 2So, while I wasn’t able to hit the original restaurant… I’ve got to say that I was pretty happy and well fed at their smaller location in the City Creek Center.


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