Story: 50 states memories

A major story we’re working on in our family is visiting all 50 states before the kids are both out of the house… we still have 10 years for the littlest.

I love to scrapbook but I admit that the thought of creating a full travel scrapbook for each child and then one for my husband and I , is more than a little overwhelming.  Therefor only  a few small pages have been completed for the kids.

I recently attended a class on “stories”… and how important it is to tell your story in some way.  And “ish”.. about how make it “sort of” a scrapbook is “story-ish”

map 5

So this prompted me to pull out this galvanized metal map I purchased from Michaels in early spring and make it “story-ish” telling the sort-of tale of our visits to all 50 states.  We are far from done on our quest but here’s the start to our soon to be wall décor.

I started by tracing around the lines of the states we’ve visited already.

map 4

I cut those out and used them to determine which pics would fit best and traced around those to cut them out.

map 2I didn’t have photos printed that would work from every state… so I just did what I was able to .  I used Liquid Glass ( a liquid glue that I sell through my scrapbooking site here.)

Here’s a photo of a few of the states completed.  I love the way it’s looking and will share an updated pic at the end of summer with a link back to this page.  I did cover up faces just because my kids are minors and I try to protect them as much as I can…

Once 2 states are bordering each other- I am going back over with and Industrial style black sharpie.  The Industrial Sharpies are alcohol and solvent proof so when I go over top with a clear sealer later, I won’t have to worry about anything weird happening with the ink.

You can find Industrial Sharpies at Amazon>> Sharpie Industrial Permanent Markers, Fine Point, Black, 12-Count <<<  that’s an associate link but I really don’t get a payout from Amazon.

map 1

I hope you love this project as much as I do… I’m busy planning a few vacations for the next year to hit a few more states on our list 🙂


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