Yummy treats, mid-flight

I am in seventh heaven right now.  I recently took a trip to Orlando.  I flew United Airlines for the first time in quite a while.

I was so surprised that they didn’t offer the usual pretzel/ peanut snack, but instead, this yummy waffle cookie thing that tasted like heaven.  At first I thought I’d save it to take home to my kids… but really… I was starving.  Then, on the return flight, when I got another, I thought it just wouldn’t be fair to go home with one cookie to two kids.  So I ate that one too.

I was searching through Amazon and what did I find?  These yummy waffle cookie/ candy treats that they served on the plane.  Oh my… these will be dangerous when they arrive and probably won’t last long in my house.

I had to share this for anyone like me, that hasn’t stopped thinking about these since my trip almost a month ago.


I tried to post a photo but you’ll have to go to the link and see for yourself.

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