Columbus, Ohio waterfall

We recently took a family vacation to Columbus, OH.  We had a quick change of plans due to the recent flooding in West Virginia affecting our original road trip.

I was bummed we had to cancel our waterfall road trip so while we were in Columbus, OH- I googled “waterfalls in Ohio” to see what popped up.  Much to my extreme surprise… there was a waterfall IN COLUMBUS… less than 10 minutes from our hotel.

20160703_092515What a fun little walk to this gem of a place.

The sign at the entrance to the boardwalk says Griggs Nature Preserve.  The waterfall is known as Hayden Falls.  Click here to see more info.   It hadn’t rained in a while… I’m sure it’s quite impressive when the water is more abundant- but what a beautiful place to waste some time and enjoy nature with the kids.  The boardwalk looks new and is quite safe. There is a relatively steep staircase as you first leave the parking lot, but what you see is all that there is- past the stairway is a boardwalk which is very sturdy/ safe.


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