Kellogg Bird Sanctuary Free Admission Day

KBS 5.jpg

The Kellogg Bird Sanctuary in Augusta, MI is a fantastic place to spend a relaxing day.  We were there a few years ago for the first time, and it was such a peaceful walk through an outdoor animal haven.  On Earth Day (April 22) they have free admission all day.  Their hours will be 9a-5p.

Their address is:

12685 East C Avenue
Augusta, MI 49012

There are a few rescued animals in captivity, animals that were injured and saved- but aren’t able to survive in the wild.  That’s a very small number though- the major purpose is a landing place for water birds.  It’s so peaceful to sit near the pond and watch the trumpeter swans come flying in to land.  Listening to all the birds was the highlight of our trip.

For more information- here’s the link to their website.


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