Zoo Openings for spring {MI and IN}

Anyone living in Michigan and Indiana(or other cold, snowy locations), know that a lot of our zoos close for winter.  Typically they close in November until sometime in April.  A lot of zoos don’t close, but I find in these two states, a LOT do close or have very limited times.

Here’s a current list of dates the zoos are opening, and any fun NEW things going on this year:

April 1- Washington Park Zoo in Michigan City IN– already open- we were here a few years ago.  It’s a nice little zoo right by the beach in Michigan City.  We spent the morning at the zoo and the afternoon swimming in Lake Michigan. Makes for a fun family day.

Potowatomi Zoo– South Bend, IN  opened April 1

Indianapolis Zoo– Indianapolis, IN already open.  They’re adding new exhibits to the Oceans area this year.  This is a GREAT zoo.  We were there several years ago.

April 14- Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek, MI ( a great little zoo that is really natural feeling.  This is one of the best “little zoos” I’ve been to)- They’re breaking ground this year on a new lion exhibit.  The giraffes will only be on exhibit when it’s 60F or greater outside.

April 16- Critchlow Alligator Sanctuary in Athens, MI.  The sanctuary is open year round but beginning April 16 they’ll start moving the animals from their indoor winter exhibits to the outdoor exhibits.  It looks like you can also help with this- or just watch.  There’s discounted admission for these dates.  This is a fun place for kids and many local schools do field trips.

April 17- August 19-  John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids is already open, but they’ll be celebrating 125 years with 125 animal birthdays this year!

April 18- Detroit Zoo- The Detroit Zoo is already open but next week the new Polk Penguin conservation Center opens… It looks really cool and this will be a must see for us this summer.

April 23- Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo   opens in Fort Wayne, IN

May 1- Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park– Alto, MI

May 28- Columbus Zoo– Columbus, OH- this zoo is open but the water park opens May 28

It looks like the Wisconsin, Illinois and Ohio zoos are open already or haven’t shut down for the most part.






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