Elementary level book review

The holidays are coming.  I have sort of a “list” I follow for shopping for my kids each year.  They each get a book of some sort.  I’d like to share a book here today that was written by a fabulous teacher at my kid’s school.  She teaches 3rd grade and has had a long love of writing fiction.  She has had one of her books reviewed by a publisher and while they didn’t publish the type of book she wrote, they gave her a lot of encouragement and complements. She went ahead and published all of her previously written books on Amazon this past spring/ summer.

The book I’m sharing here today is called Trapped In Seraphina.  The author wrote this book specifically for use in her classroom but all of the kids loved it so much that she published it as well.

Here’s the excerpt:  Charlotte Kobe and her friends find a treasure and end up traveling to a zany, outlandish place called Seraphina, full of surprises. They run into a strange, untrustworthy woman, Raven Starr, and a mysterious man, Amherst Ethelbert, who will not quit trying to chase them down. All the children are desperate to do, is to find their way back to their home, before time runs out.

How will they deal with Raven if she finds them? Is Amherst really who he says he is? Will they ever see their parents and family again?

If you’re looking for a wholesome chapter book for your 3-5th grade student- you might want to consider supporting this awesome teacher that has worked really hard to bring great, unique literature to her classroom.

Trapped in Seraphina

At the time of posting, the Kindle version is only $2.99, but a paperback copy that can be wrapped is under $7.

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