Thanksgiving appetizers

We’re celebrating Thanksgiving with family next week and I’ve been searching for ideas of what we can bring along with us.  Or simple things we can gather supplies for and make when we arrive.

Here’s a few of the great ideas I’ve gathered!

Turkey themed appetizer:



Pumpkin shaped dinner rolls:


Pumpkin pie rice krispie treats.


A favorite at potlucks:  Cranberry Fluff

cranberry fluff

Ahhhh… not sure about you but the tomato/ mozzarella combos is one of my favorite things!!

Tomato/mozzarella bites


Obviously there are tons more ideas out there… but since I’ll be driving 3 hours to get to our destination the night before.. and I won’t really have access to my mom’s oven most of the day on Thanksgiving- these ideas work for me because they are all “oven free” recipes(or in the case of the dinner rolls… they could be made the night before)!  I think I’ll either go with the cranberry fluff or the tomato/mozzarella appetizers… or both!  My kids LOVE cheeseball but my sister always brings that along with her.  I think my oldest will love the tomato/mozzarella appetizer the best.

Thanks for reading along while I sort out my Thanksgiving recipe.

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