Crayon resist in first grade

This year I’m working with several grades in our local elementary school to provide art opportunities to the kids on a monthly basis.  It takes a lot of time, but my kids benefit as well as many other students in the school.

When I was working with first grade to design their October project, I found a link on pinterest to a fun crayon resist spiderweb project.

I thought this would be a PERFECT project for that age.

Here’s how our class projects turned out:

Art first grade

Supply List:
Crayola Crayons-White 12/PkgI bought 2 packs since there were 23 kids in the class

Watercolor paper- purchased with my 40% off Michaels coupon.
Crayola Washable Watercolors, 8 count (53-0525)$1.97 on Amazon is about what they are in the store but the store didn’t have enough in stock to buy all at once.  I used my amazon prime (free shipping) to purchase them all in one lot.  I bought 10 sets which supplemented what the teacher already had.

I also purchased 2 packs (of 12) plastic spiders at Target for $1 each pack.  They were spider rings, you can clip the ring portion off so they sit flatter.

The kids drew their spider webs with white crayon and then painted with watercolor paints over top.  The crayon resists the paint, and the web shows up really well (the darker the crayon the better it shows.

What a FUN project!  So happy they were able to fit this fun day into their schedule.

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