Halloween costume ideas for the busy mom.

When I was growing up, my mom made all of our costume.  She was excellent at cutting and sewing and designing patterns.  I went to school at a time where home ec classes were rampant.  I learned all of that-cutting, sewing etc.  Do I use it?  Nope!  I own a sewing machine but lack the time it takes to be good at it.

So- not going to lie- I typically buy my kids costumes!

Here are some ideas for EASY PEASY homemade costumes AND some deals for buying them.

Easy peasy homemade:

The baby gumball machine: from the costume-works website


Also from the costume-works site:  box of friends/ crayons! I think this would be easy!


The Make It Love It site has directions for this fun Lumberjack costume.  Other than the beard and axe the rest is just clothing… so fun!


Possible discounts for PURCHASING costumes :

Costume Express:  There are some awesome clearance and sale prices right now- Check it out!  I have ordered from them in the past with good results.

Party City has 20% off all Halloween with no minimum but it ENDS 10/18!!!

Spirit of Halloween has 20% off orders of $65+ through 10/20 online and if you live local to a store you can print coupons online to take in with you.

Costume super center also has a 15% off a $20+ costume purchase ending 10/18.  Coupon code H155

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