Custom Artwork {room remodel}

I’m remodeling my daughter’s room… Including all of the wall décor/ art.

I wanted to create something to hang over the desk we are adding to her room.  She doesn’t think she’s very good at math, and gets really frustrated.  So I was going to paint  a canvas with the statement “She believed she could, so she did”.  THEN, she expressed an interest in this photo that I took recently on vacation.  I decided to pair the sentiment with the photo that she loved and created this:
she believed with border 12x12

I purposely added a white border so I could use a 12×12 frame to hang next to her 12×12 white board.

I’m so excited to print this and hang it up!

If you’re interested in doing something similar… This link leads to some frames that are 12×12 (black and off white).  Several frames come up but the two that work with this print are the SHADOWBOX FRAMES.  There won’t be glass over the print, so if that bothers you – check Michaels or Joanns or Hobby Lobby for a traditional frame with glass.

Note- that link leads to my sales website- I sell scrapbooking supplies and lucky for me we also have these 12×12 frames.  I just wanted to be upfront about that.  You could probably also find something similar locally.  I just know that for me, sometimes paying shipping is faster than finding time to go to the store!.

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