Travel Review: Louisville Zoo {Kentucky Travel}

We recently took a weekend road trip to Louisville, and visited their zoo.

We see a lot of zoos, it’s just something we like to do together.  So many of them are different and we definitely have some favorites.  We really enjoyed The Zoo in Louisville for several reasons.

1)  It’s pretty green… as in…green space.  It’s light and airy and full of trees and natural- feeling habitats for the animals.  We never visit a “cement filled” zoo twice.  I don’t like zoos that feel like the animals are in cages.  Obviously they are… but I like the feeling that they might have a more enjoyable day running through the trees and grass than cement.

Image 8

2) Variety:  This zoo has tons of animal species not common in all zoos.  For instance, they have elephants, polar bears and flamingos.  None of which are in our local zoo. (Of course there are many more differences but those were the big draws for my kids at this zoo)

Image 10 for blog

3) Lots of seating.  It was 93F outside when we visited.  We started our trip with slushies and stopped at plenty of benches along the path.  It was toasty out and my kids were “melting” according to them… so they sat every opportunity they could.

4) misting stations.  See #3 for why this was critical!

5) Petting zoo… with hand sanitizer!  My kids loved this part because it allows them to interact with the animals.

Image 9 for blog

Overall the zoo was great fun for my kids.  They have several “penny machines” (the machines where you put in two quarters and a penny and choose a design for your penny.  The machine presses your penny in that design).  We’ve started a “penny collection” on our travels and place these in the scrapbooks in a little flip album.  It’s such a fun, inexpensive memento that we make everywhere we find a machine.

{This is my own personal , unsolicited review.  Your experience may differ depending on your preferences.  }

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