Summer Reading: Girl on the Train

Recently I was shopping for a new book to read on a cross-country flight from Michigan to California.

I picked up The Girl on the Train and packed it in my carry on.

(The photo takes you to Amazon so you can see more details if you think you might be interested in this book)
I pulled this out during the first leg of my flight and literally finished it 1.5 hours before landing in Los Angeles.

It’s an amazing , suck you in, story of a lonely, divorced woman who hasn’t quite recovered from her husband leaving her for another woman.  She rides the train in to town every day to keep her roommate from knowing the truth about the current state of her life. One day, while riding the train into town, she sees something curious and gets herself involved in an investigation. The plot and character development is really great and I couldn’t stop reading.  I really NEEDED to know what happened.  I did, about half way through, start to get an idea of the direction it was taking but that only served to suck me in more so I could see if I was right.

I don’t always have a lot of time to read in my “busymom” life of work, kids and everything in between so I really appreciated a book that I could START AND FINISH all in one day while traveling.

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