Blue Lemon {Salt Lake City, UT}

This blog usually encompasses fun things to do with kids… but recently I took a kidless (and spouseless) trip to Salt Lake City where I spent 5 fun-filled days sight seeing and eating in between some business classes I was attending.

I joined a great group of ladies for dinner at the Blue Lemon in the City Creek Shopping Center.  First of all.. the seating.  There’s plenty of seating inside the restaurant, but if it’s a beautiful day you really need to eat outdoors.  There are some tables for 2-8 people right outside.  Surrounded by music playing over head and leaves blowing in the trees, the atmosphere was wonderful.  The weather in salt lake was about mid 90’s during my visit, almost hitting 100.  It’s true though, what you hear.  “It’s ok because it’s a dry heat”  Coming from Michigan, which is soooo humid during the summer… I found it absolutely to be true!  I had NO issues  walking around in nearly 100 degree temps because you weren’t suffering in the humid air.

blue lemon

Ok… on to the food.  First of all, it was really hard to choose something off the menu.  Everything looked really interesting but I finally chose the Chicken tropical curry.  I knew it would be spicey (word of warning… everything in Salt Lake is spicy!!  The tropical curry had pineapple mixed through, and the pineapple provided the perfect amount of “sweet” to balance the spice.

You had the option of adding either chicken or salmon.. I chose the chicken.

Unfortunately I didn’t try any of the yummy looking cookies on display.. This was towards the end of my week and I was well on my way to carb coma with all the wonderful food so I stuck with my entrée and avoided everything else 🙂

To see the full Blue Lemon menu and plan your visit to one of several Utah locations, click here.


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