COSI: Center of Science and Industry {OHIO}

On the river bank in Columbus sits the coolest science center I have ever been to.  The Center of Science and Industry- known as COSI.  We traveled here last year when they happened to have an exhibit on the art of the video game and how the systems evolved over time.  That exhibit is over but there are tons of things to do there on a daily basis.  Check out their site at the link above to see the current exhibits and shows.


There’s a fun green screen area where you can create scenes with the backdrops of your choice:

cosi logo

There’s a science lab area where you can choose an experiment, take the box, and follow the recipe card.  This was really cool.

cosi logo 2

There is so much “hands on” at COSI… we spent an entire day just playing:

cosi logo 3.jpg

Along with fun things to do, there’s a lot of fun things hanging on the walls- like this recycled art butterfly (there were more but green is my favorite color so this is the only one I took a photo of 🙂

cosi logo 4.jpg

And last but not least… if you’re a science geek like me- you MUST check out the gift shop… they seriously have such a fun selection!!


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