School’s Out for Summer

wow… this school year went by at a snail’s pace but soooo busy.  In Michigan most public school’s do not start until the Tuesday after Labor day … which means they don’t end till mid-June.  It’s REALLY hot in West Michigan right now- I think my car thermometer said 98 degrees F today…

Now that school’s over till September- it’s time to keep them BUSY.  I work full time so it’s tough to keep the kids from getting bored early on.  Here are some ideas to use through out the summer.

summer fun

  1. Water balloon fights…  who doesn’t want to cool off in 90 degree weather?
  2. Create your own smoothie flavors ( a good place to start is some type of juice, plain or flavored greek yogurt, and  fruit)  One of our favorites is orange juice, watermelon and strawberry yogurt.  The watermelon flavor is sooo fun and refreshing!
  3. Grow a garden-  it’s ok if you don’t have space!! Last year we had our best tomato crop EVER and it was a container garden.  I do have a decent garden but decided to expand it into patio pots.  My kids LOVE to run around outside and play and they tend to grab veggies out of the garden for a quick snack.  My cherry tomatoes never even make it in the house.
  4. Go fruit picking and make a yummy pie!  Kids LOVE to help create a yummy treat after collecting all the ingredients.
  5. Go to the Movies- There’s plenty of fun family friendly movies right now so go in out of the heat.
  6. Bowling- Have you ever heard of “Kids Bowl Free”?  it’s a free summer bowling program for kids.  They can bowl 2 free games every day.  Reduced pricing is also available for parents if you register on their site.  Check out the link to see if a local alley participates.
  7. Road trip!  This is by far our favorite.  We love to travel and see new things and we’re trying to work our way through all 50 states.  It’s tricky this year as my husband started a new job but we’ll do our best to take some trips- even just day trips.  Since we live in SW Michigan, we live within a 6 hour drive of MANY cool places.  Grab a map- draw a radius around the length of drive you’re comfortable doing, and plan a trip for a long lazy weekend away!
  8. Catch a game:  Whether it’s minor league or major league- take them to the ballgame!  If you have a minor league baseball team within a reasonable distance, it can be an inexpensive experience.  There’s nothing like a hot dog in the stands.
  9. Be creative:  We have a HUGE supply of arts and crafts materials.  I love to just pull out the boxes and let them have free reign.  Don’t worry about the mess- kids who use their imagination come up with the BEST projects.  Who knows, maybe they’ll come up with some new artwork for your walls at a fraction of the price.
  10. Staycation in your own town:  Have you taken the time to see all your local area offerings?  The zoo? museum? hiking trails? parks?  Pack a picnic and take a trek.  All of these offer opportunities to get out and go for a walk.

NO matter what you choose and how you spend your summer… make sure to take time to enjoy the little things and every experience!

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