Dove Dry Spray review

As part of Influenster, I periodically receive free items to try.  The only thing I need to do in return is provide honest review feedback.

SO… here’s a review of my latest items received!


I have to admit that at first, I wasn’t super excited about having to review these items.  We tend not to buy spray deodorant items… it’s always seemed “weird” to me.  And that comment is probably weird all by itself.

I have to say though, after using this for just one day- I was SOLD.  The sent is not strong, but pretty.  AND it sticks around long enough that you feel like you are protected all day.  When I am working, I tend to walk the stairs several times a day to get some exercise in while travelling to other parts of the building.  I really felt like this antiperspirant has “staying power” and I didn’t worry at all , no matter how active I was.  Because it’s a spray, it has a “light” feeling unlike some of the roll-on varieties I’ve tried in the past.

Now… you can see from the photo that the box also contained a “men’s” version.  My husband was as skeptical as I was… but he’s had issues lately with some of the other types he has tried.  It varies by season/ weather since he primarily works in construction.  He also really liked the one he received.  Similar reasons, staying power means a lot!

so… this box was a huge success….we were both pleasantly surprised by how much we liked these dry sprays.




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