Chihuly in Seattle

I spent 4 days in Seattle… it was one of my favorite work trips EVER .  Seattle is full of great coffee shops, beautiful skylines, THE Pike Street Market, and of course- ART.  I am a huge Dale Chihuly fan and anyone who is can recognize his style anywhere.

chihuly 3logo.jpg

Seattle isn’t just a place to see some Chihuly glass in a museum… they have their very own Chihuly Garden and Glass DESTINATION.  Yes… I said that.  It’s a destination.  I spent a couple of hours perusing the grounds and studying the designs.  I highly recommend this place not only to adults, but to families.  The vibrant color and design really holds the attention and interest of children.

Chihuly 7 logo.jpg

You’ll find Chihuly Garden and Glass right next to the space needle… and if you plan to visit both there’s a package deal available.  Check out the website for details, hours and pricing.

chihuly 6logo.jpg

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