Winter bulletin board

I take on a lot of activities that I really don’t have time for…just because I love to help out wherever I can at the kids school.  I took over the entry way bulletin board this year.  It doesn’t get changed often since I’m working a full time job, a direct sales job and of course occasional blogging.  I did however work a new display into my calendar last week.

It’s simple but cute (and cheap!)  It’s not the greatest picture since my cell phone was on the verge of dying.

January bulletin board.jpg

This bulletin board cost a grand total of $3.50 to put together.

Supplies:  posterboard $1 (plus markers we had on hand) I just drew the design and colored.

Bulletin board border:  $1 at the Dollar Tree

Black background is a $1 plastic tablecloth from Dollar Tree.

words and snowflakes were cut from a sheet of white cardstock using my cricut.

This is an idea I got off pinterest and then gave it my own little spin.

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