Canon Selphy CP910 review

It’s been a while since I did a product review and I’ve got to say… I am excited about this one.

Let me start by saying… this was a Christmas present to me (from me)… it wasn’t a free item I was asked to review… just something I thought might make life easier for me.


I am a scrapbooker so my interest in this printer was in taking it to events.  I despise paying money to go to an event only to find I am missing a photo or two to finish a page.  WELL… this baby is so small I can take it with me!

I also am using it to update my planner weekly with any photos I want to add.

The printer came with enough paper and ink for 5 prints.  I tested it out to see what I thought…  below is just a cell phone photo of some of the prints.  In real life they look great… I am very happy with the results and they are fine for my purposes.


IF you are interested in looking at the specs… here are links to the printer and inks.
Canon SELPHY CP910 Compact Photo Color Printer, Wireless, Portable (Black)

The ink and paper are sold in sets and are apparently designed so there’s enough ink for all of the paper in the pack… Once the paper is gone the ink cassette is pretty much used up:
Canon KP-108IN Color Ink Paper Set 3115B001

I’ve only been able to find the black or white printers in store or online… I managed to get my gold Canon Selphy during a holiday sale where I did pay less but I’d been watching on Amazon for MONTHS trying to figure out if the Canon Selphy CP910 was any good or not.  I hate wasting money on things so I’m so happy that I have one and am happy with it!

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