Kids Painting class

I dabble in a lot of different artsy areas.  Art makes me happy.  My kids go to a school that does not offer an art class (although they have a wonderful music program!)

In years past I’d take my kids to a local “kids painting class” which was just like your local paint night events, except without the drinking… since it was for kids and all.  Unfortunately the company that offered the classes no longer has a “kids class”

I decided to try to fill the gap by occasionally offering a class that parents could bring their kids too.  Luckily you can get tons of great ideas on line.

Here’s my sample from the past weekend:


Here are a two of the kid’s canvases from the class  (Four kids came out to paint!  Not my kids…they decided to go grocery shopping with dad.  I guess they have so many options to be artsy at home that the novelty has warn off 😉 .  I didn’t get photos of the other paintings, that family left before I thought of it!


I buy the value pack of canvases:
Art Alternatives Economy Super Value Canvas 10 Pack 8×10

OR if you have a Michaels nearby you can often get 40% off coupons.  It’s hit or miss if they have the value packs in stock or not.

The paints I use are just the craft style acrylic paints.  I only charge $9-10 for these classes so I try to keep costs low.  The company we took classes through always charged $25-30

The bells are from Close To My Heart and are found by clicking here*

We waited until the paintings were completely dry to glue the bells in place.

The kids seemed to have lots of fun- and they enjoyed some cookies and juice during dry time!


* The CTMH website is my own and I do earn commission from any purchases.


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