How to remove crayon from furniture

Recently, I was cleaning some furniture from my daughter’s room and found that some munchkin from my crew of two colored with yellow and orange crayon on the side of a dresser.  I already had a buyer for this dresser and was a little startled to find that one of the kids colored all over both sides and even some on the front that was difficult to see.

The joys of raising kids.

Alas, I googled “how to remove crayon from furniture” , which is maybe exactly what you did to find this post, and up popped many ideas.  Some suggested Magic Clean Erasers and other fancy cleaners that I didn’t own.

I opted to follow along the “baking soda bandwagon”.  That I owned.

crayon furniture

Simply put, I poured about 1/4 cup baking soda in a bowl (I had a LOT of crayon to clean) and just filled with enough water to make a thick paste.  Using a dry paper towel, I scooped up some of the baking soda paste and scrubbed it into the colored surface and…waalah… it came off!  Some areas required some heavier duty scrubbing, if they’d REALLY scribbled that crayon on, but by the end you couldn’t even tell there had been crayon on the dresser.

Our dresser was white, so the fact that the crayon was completely gone was to me, a miracle.  Baking soda saved the day and we are out shopping for a new dresser.

crayon furniture 2

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