It’s the end of the school year…

… time to decide which of your child’s school work to keep… and which to toss.   YES… I said toss.  You can not keep everything!  I like to keep something they wrote- to show their handwriting.  I like to keep something funny- it might be the same as something they wrote.  For instance, my son had to write an “all about my mom” project where he listed my age as 20 years older than I really am.  I’ll keep that because it cracks me up.

I keep any art – because they don’t have art class so when they DO do art in’s truly special.

In the next couple weeks I’ll take that art to Michaels to have it framed.

Michaels often offers deals… so check their website for coupons.  click here for that.

Here’s the Piet Mondrian “influenced” art created by my little guy.

piet mondrian

I love it… I definitely think this one is a keeper.

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