YEAH! I joined Influenster last month as a product tester and received my first box of goodies to try out and review – I received this box completely free for my reviews…wow!  It’s a great selection of items.  Aside from products, I received a coupon for a FREE Ore Ida Extra crispy fry or tator tot (the microwavable kind) and an Uncle Ben’s rice.  I’ve already redeemed these coupons and will try these things this week.

influenster nurture box

In the meantime- I used the shampoo this morning and… I love it!  The fragrance was nice and it lathered up really well without using much at all.  YOu can find this Attitude brand of products at Target for $9.99 according to the little chart that came in the box.


In terms of the #nondrowsydramamine …  well.. I USED to get carsick in the car but I don’t anymore.  I did however, have to give Dramamine to my dog when he was a puppy because he got SOOO carsick I could not even drive him to the vet, 10 minutes away, without a huge mess to clean up.  So Dramamine saved our travel experiences for several years until he grew out of that carsick stage.


I can’t wait to try the other fun items in this box… I might be most excited about the Blue Lizard sunscreen.  Apparently the clear cap turns blue when it’s sitting in UV rays- a good reminder to keep applying your sunscreen while outside!  Check back- more reviews coming this week!


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