Columbus Zoo {Ohio}

Last summer we took a weekend trip to Columbus, Ohio.  There are some really fun things to do there with kids.  I’ve already posted about the waterfall we visited just minutes from town… but today I’m finally posting our trip to the zoo.

First and formost we went 4th of July weekend and they offered FREE ADMISSION to current and past military.  They accepted my husband’s VFW membership card as proof so our whole family got in FREE… which we weren’t expecting at all.  We still had to pay for “extras” but it did save money in the long run and that was very cool!

columbus zoo logo

<click here> to go to the Columbus Zoo website and plan your trip.. You won’t be sorry!

The zoo has some fun animals that you can’t find at our local zoo- so that was great for our kids and really kept their interest.  This zoo is GIGANTIC… and honestly- we missed a whole section just because it’s so large our kids got tired before we could finish.  I highly recommend making a plan to see the animals you’re most interested in… doing that… and then seeing the rest if it works out for you.  If your kids can’t finish it all, at least you will have seen those that you were looking forward to the most.

columbus zoo 2 logocolumbus zoo 3 4x6 logocolumbus zoo 4 logo

This zoo also has some fun rides- which you don’t see at a lot of the smaller zoos.  Did I say this zoo was HUGE?

This pirate ride was a blast- definitely take time for this if you are able… my kids LOVED it!  You just ride a little boat along the path and come across all kinds of fun scenes and the sound of canons.

All in all- this is a fantastic, well maintained zoo with some really fun, healthy looking animals.  This zoo is well attended and tons of fun!  There are plenty of trees and natural areas which is something that attracts us/ or turns us away from zoos.  I have plenty that I haven’t enjoyed because they’re primarily cement and fences- but the Columbus Zoo did not disappoint.  One of the reasons we didn’t finish is because the animals have a decent amount of space and are spread out quite a bit.  It was very hot when we were there so we did enjoy the misters we found periodically.


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