Winter snowman mixed media art- {2nd grade}

I’m not going to lie… a lot of ideas I get from pinterest like everyone else. I like to search out a theme for ideas and then throw my own spin on it.

Here’s a project I did with my son’s second grade class- of course I took NO Photos of the class art but I did get a picture of my own child’s art when he brought it home.

The project was very simple.  The artwork is slightly curled in the photos – it needed to lay under a book to flatten it out.


  1. I started by having them create the outline shape in grey.
  2. Fill in the outline with white while the grey is still wet- it creates the “shading” you see.
  3. While the white and grey dry- paint the blue background.  Use lots of motion to try to create a “swirly” effect… or not.
  4. Use a little clear glitter paint for swirling snow.
  5. Paint the hat and face.  My nose pointed up because the view is looking from below.  The kids didn’t like it and all painted their noses to the side 🙂
  6. I found some red, green and snowflake sequins for $1 each package and each package had a LOT.  We used Elmers school glue for that.
  7. I found a fabric remnant for $1.50 and cut the material for scarves.


How I made this go faster:

I put together packets for each student.



*paper plate (palette)

*paper towel

*plastic to cover their desk (I bought $1 table cloths from the Dollar Tree and cut them to size)

*paint brush

*mini paint cups with the first two colors they needed so they could get started while I passed out the other colors to their plate.  I purchased these at Michaels but if you don’t have one nearby you can order from Amazon Empty Paint Pots 18/Pkg-1/8 Ounce

*pre-tied scarf so they could just glue it on.  There were about 28 students and we only had an hour and 15 minutes so this made this project “doable” in a short time.

The kids seemed to LOVE it!  I love when they ask me to be their “art teacher” all the time since this little school of ours does not have an art program.  The DO have music which is awesome… but they need art and I love to provide it.


{I am an affiliate of Amazon… but really… I don’t really make anything because I don’t post often 😉 }

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