Popcorn treats

I was in charge of coming up with ideas for the 5th grade class party this past week.

I set up a table full of treats and snacks that they could choose from to create their own “trail mix”.  The assortment included:

  • pretzels
  • Capn’ Crunch holiday shapes
  • lemon lime popcorn (see recipe below)
  • m&m’s
  • craisins
  • marshmallows

They each filled a clear plastic cup and took it back to their seat to munch on.12348028_10207250636096372_9027541711757588282_n

The recipe uses Kool Aid packets and can be found here: Kraft website

I did not use as much popcorn as they called for and mine ended up being slightly chewy where there was too much flavoring (aka sugar) piled on.  Definitely make sure you use the right amount of popcorn.  The flavoring was awesome and even the teachers were eating it.


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