Party ideas for room parents {Halloween}

I work full time.  I’ve mentioned that before.  Have  I also mentioned that I’m a sucker for parties at school?  You know that feeling, when you go to the school open house, and there’s a sign up sheet?  And NOONE has signed up.  Ugh… yep.  That’s me.  Can’t say no.  I think I’m the party parent.  For maybe, like, both my kids classes.

Anyway…. I was looking for some new ideas I hadn’t tried before.  Mostly because I”m SOOO busy in October that I’ve got to plan early!

Here’s a fun game I found: click here for details

Halloween party game

Then I found this fun guessing game… which is nothing new but a GREAT reminder of something easy to do at any age.

guess how many

Pumpkin golf… PERFECT for the 1st grade class… think i’ll try this one for sure!.

pumpkin golf Halloween games 07

Amazon had a few cool things…( click the pics to go to Amazon for more details)
spider ring toss.  I think this was $10.95
build a pumpkin sticker kit (makes 12)  $5
  Pin the spider on the web $8.95

Have other ideas?  feel free to SHARE them.  I’ll be posting party foods later this week!

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