Clutter free School Year

I know many schools around the country started back up this week… we did not.  We are in Michigan and state law says public schools can’t go back till the Tuesday after Labor Day…

So I’m spending the next couple weeks getting organized before the school year starts.  I put together this pinterest “wrap-up” of all the great ideas I found- Maybe one will work for you!

This, personally, was a favorite of mine and COMPLETELY doable.  I actually have a bind it all and could do this myself. {The R House}

school papers

Check out the Bind It All : Zutter Bind-It-All, Version 2.0I LOVE mine!

Here’s a file organization idea… I tried to find the original source from Pinterest but the link didn’t go to the original post AND it didn’t even go to a current post- I was confused.  So if this is your photo feel free to comment with the link and I”m happy to add it.


This homework helper – I found on Amazon-  I honestly like the pocket and calendar combo- Not sure It’d fit in my space though.  I think i’m looking for more tabletop than wall but some people have more wall space to use:  The photo I found was better but I couldn’t get it to load right.  Basically it has 4 color ful pockets, the calendar, and space for writing utensils.

I’m thinking of going with the top option… Just hold onto all my favorites through the year and then next June, bind them into a booklet form.  That seems easy enough to store on a bookshelf.  I like easy!

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