USS Alabama travel review


If you’re going to be in the Southern Alabama/ Mississippi area- you might find it worthwhile to stop in Mobile, AL at the USS Alabama battleship park.

There are MANY wonderful pieces of history to see here.  This is a great opportunity for kids as well.

First up is the battleship itself.

USS Alabama logo

You’re able to tour the whole deck, as well as climb up a fair amount towards the upper part of the ship.  You can also tour some of the lower decks.  My daughter is a little squeamish in tight places so we saw a little and then left the boys to explore on their own.

In the same park, is an aircraft pavilion FILLED with some great military aircraft.

USS Alabama aircraft logo

They had a lot of great displays and signs to read.  You really learned a lot about every aircraft in the building.

The 3rd “main attraction” on the property was the USS Drum, a submarine you could tour.

USS Alabama submarine logo

You could walk through the upper and lower deck.  It was a little confined so if you suffer claustrophobia, you might want to stick to the top deck of this one.

My son was free so thanks to that and our AAA discount, it cost our family about $32 to go.  We spent about 2 hours or so touring this area.  It kept my two kids completely entertained, and not once did I hear “I’m bored” so I definitely recommend adding this to your travel plans.

Click here for the USS Alabama website for more details.

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