Midwest Meijer shoppers

Do you live in a state with Meijer stores?  If so check your mperks account!  (if you don’t have one… get one!  I’ve saved well over $1000 on groceries so far this year with the help of mperks.  It’s a simple program that saves tons of money.  Essentially- you have an account where you clip digital coupons.  You enter that account at checkout and save money!


meijer mperk

Today and tomorrow there’s a 5% off grocery and health and beauty care mperk!  Pair that with the GREAT sales this weekend and you’ll save tons of cash!


In the SW Michigan area some of the sales are:

Nectarines- 88cents/ lb

Lays Potato chips- $1.88

Gold Leaf Leg Quarters $2.90 for 10 pounds…

you get the idea…


Want to see if there’s a Meijer near you?  click here to go to their page and do a store search (keep in mind- it’s only in the Midwest!)  If you do have a store- sign up for mperks- you’ll be glad you did!



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